Company Overview

Ping-Yi was established in 2005, and was good at high quality and technology of printed circuit boards. We are focus to manufacture on “small production” and “phototype on quick turn”. In order to match consignee’s needed to PCBA and keep getting better to speed up high efficiency than before, we was successful to establish the factory of Layout/ Assembly after combining all technology in 2008. Because of consignee’s requested and marketing environment, we have co-loaders for cooperation in eastern and southern China factory for huge amount production make.

The item of Our company’s PCB product are as following 1-16L Rigid , 1~4L Flex, 2~6L Rigid-Flex、1~2L Aluminum core for LED
production,、Rogers、Teflon…… etc.
Capital Investment USD 5 Million .
Company Plant  Area 20,000 sq.ft
Products Category Rigid, Flex, Rigid-flex, Metal
Core, Special PCB
Services Prototype / MId-Volume / Mass Production
Capacity 300,000 sq.ft/Month
Certificate ISO-9001:2008
Produce Items

1.Multi-Layer (1-16L) / thin boards / HDI (1&2 level)

2.Flex (1-4L)

3.Rigid-Flex (up to 8L)

4.Aluminum core (1-2L)

5.PP-film (1L) 

Company History

  • The Company (original production on Flex / Rigid-flex boards) established on Jan. 2005, and the original name was Ping-Si Technology.
  • Invest the factory of Layout / Assembling in 2008, and finished the combination of up and down stream technology. We can produce the production from Layout, PCB, and PCBA then to deliver. We are devoted to production development with the customer.
  • Established the manufacture department of Aluminum / Flex / Rigid-Flex; in the same time, established the North Taipei office of trading in 2009.
  • The company name was amended for “Ping-Yi Technology Co. Ltd.” on Feb. 2010.
Ping-Yi Electronics Co., Ltd. - Company History
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