Ping-Yi was established in 2005, and was good at high quality and technology of printed circuit boards. We are focus to manufacture on small production and phototype on quick turn.
Rigid PCB,Flex PCB,PCB Rigid-Flex PCB,HDI PCB,Aluminum PCB



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Equipment List of QA

Copper thickness measuring M/C CMI CMI-500 1
Insulation Resistance   Sm-8200 1
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage EXTECH 7410 1
Two-Dimension Measurement CHINWE   1
Solderability Test Pot     1
Pin Gauge   M-0 1
Microscope OLYMPUS BH2 1
Caliper DIGIMATIC CD-12/CD18 2
Controlled Impedance Test System POLAR CITS-500 1
Ohm Test Meter     2
X-ray Measurement Instrument FISCHAR   1

Quality Certification


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