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Ping-Yi was established in 2005, and was good at high quality and technology of printed circuit boards. We are focus to manufacture on small production and phototype on quick turn.
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Rigid Board Capability

Process Step Items Capability
Material Request Material Tg FR-402 (Tg 135℃)
FR-405 (Tg 150℃)
FR-406 (Tg 170℃) High Tg Material
FR-408 (Tg 180℃) High Tg Material
Copper foil (Inner / Outer) Max.  6 OZ
  Min. 1/3 OZ
Special Material GETEK RG200D
Arlon 25N
Teflon OK
Board Dimension Working Panel size Max. 21" × 24" ( 530 mm × 610 mm )
Finished Thickness Max. 197mil (5.0mm)
Min. 16mil (0.4mm) Mutil-layer
Inner layer Trace / Spacing Min. 3 / 3 mil
Copper Weight Min. 1/3 OZ
Max. 6 OZ
Core Thickness Max. 80mil (2.0mm)
Min. 2mil (0.05mm)
Lamination Layer Count Max. 16L
Min. 2L
Layer to Layer Registration ± 5mil
Drilling Vias Blind Vias
Buried Vias
Drill True Position Tolerance ± 3 mil
Drilling hole size Min. 8mil (0.20mm)
Plating Aspect Ratio 1:8
Copper Wall Thickness ≧0.8mil
Outer Layer Trace / Spacing Min. 3 / 3 mil
Finished Trace Copper Thickness Max. 8.4mil (6 OZ)
Min. 11mil
Surface Finished HASL(Lead Free) Max. 800μ"
Min. 50μ"
Immersion Gold(ENIG) Max. 12 μ"
Electrolytic Gold Max. 50μ"
Immersion Tin Max. 40μ"
Immersion Silver Max. 25μ"
Solder Mask Solder Mask Thickness Max. 1.0 mil
Min. 0.4 mil
Solder Mask Dam Width Min. 3mil
Solder Mask Registration ± 2mil
Routing Routing Width Min. 30 mil
V-cut Angle Min. 30°
V-cut Residual Min. 8mil (0.20mm)
Bevelling Gradient Min. 25°
測試 SMT Pitch Min. 10mil
BGA Pitch Min. 32mil
Impedance Control Tolerance ± 10%
Differential Impedance Control Tolerance ± 10%

Flex & Rigid-Flex Board Capability

Process Step Items Capability
Material PI + Ra / ED Copper OK
Board Dimension Working Panel Size 10" × 15.8"(250 mm × 400 mm) 
Finished Board Thickness Flex:0.1~0.4 mm
Rigid-Flex:0.6~2.4 mm
Inner Layer Trace / Spacing Min. 4   /   4 mil
Copper Weight Max. 2 OZ
Min. 1/3 OZ
FCCL Core Thickness Max. 2mil
Min. 0.5mil
Lamination Layer Count Flex:1L~4L
Rigid-Flex:Max. 6L
Drilling Hole Size Min. 8mil (0.2mm)
Plating Aspect Ratio 1:6
Available Surface Finished Immersion Gold(ENIG) OK
Immersion Tin OK
Immersion Silver OK
Routing Punch Tolerance ± 0.1 mm
Routing Tolerance ± 0.2 mm
Others Cloverlayer Paste Tolerance ± 8 mil (0.2mm)
Adhesive Paste Tolerance ± 12 mil (0.3mm)
Resinforce Paste Tolerance ± 12 mil (0.3mm) 

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